Why are sales YTD so far behind target?


Why are billable hours significantly below target?


Why is our profit YTD so far below target?


Why have we got such a large outstanding debt in period 4?

Faster, more accurate decision-making with Intuitive Dashboards.

Intuitive Business Intelligence is the author of Intuitive Dashboards, the next generation of advanced Business Intelligence (BI) software. Our innovative solution empowers you to create your own highly interactive and graphical dashboard view of key business data, based upon the metrics and KPIs that matter most to you.

Unlike traditional BI dashboards, it is intuitive, extremely easy-to-use and highly configurable. In fact, Intuitive Dashboards can be implemented in hours rather than months, swiftly delivering dramatic business benefits.


Intuitive Dashboards immediately alerts you to potential business issues and performance shortfalls.


It provides a single, consolidated view of all your disparate management data – bringing together information from multiple sources – accounting software, spreadsheets, CRM systems, HR, payroll and much more!


View the most relevant information, in the right amount of detail in an easy-to-understand, graphical format.


Drill-down to get to the root cause of specific business issues.


Intuitive Dashboards improves individual, team and organisational performance, empowering employees with the most relevant information for enhanced decision-making.

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The need for a fast, efficient solution for accessing management data has never been more critical. With most organisations storing critical information in a range of data systems such as finance, CRM, sales, marketing, operations and manufacturing, achieving a single viewpoint of performance remains a challenge for decision-makers and senior managers.

Find out how business intelligence dashboards can be used throughout an organisation to provide a single, consolidated view of organisational performance from a wide range of existing, disparate data sources.

Enhance your organisational performance.



Technical recruitment firm Morson Group uses Intuitive Dashboards to drive enhanced client reporting and internal KPI achievement.